On Board the Red Boat

A research on the Ving Tsun history

The removal of an intangible cultural manifestation from its original universe – in time and/or space – may become a powerful obstacle for its adequate preservation.

Ving Tsun, which first appeared in China hundreds of years ago, spread throughout the world, and today, counts with thousands upon thousands of followers. Not all of these, however, have the opportunity of learning about the relations of this art within the realm of its original culture.

In order to better explore the visit to the country in which our art originated and share the experience with those not present, On Board the Red Boat proposes a research about the historical traditions of Ving Tsun.

CHINA TRIP 2019 - Photographic Project by Anderson Maia


Group 1:
  • Pedro Gontijo (Moy Go Ji)
  • Daniel Balparda (Moy Ba Daat)
  • Victor Leal (Moy Wik Doh)
  • Vitor Santeque
Group 2:
  • Liana Lott (Moy Lai On Na)
  • Pedro Naves (Moy Dak Lo)
  • Rafael Lembi (Moy Laai Fai)
  • Vinícius Dutra (Moy Wei Ning Si)
Group 3 ("Kung Fu names" chops):
  • Dai Sihing Renato Almeida (Moy Ah Mei Da)
  • Paulo Camiz Filho (Moy Fuh Bing)
  • Ana Paula Mendonça (Moy Do Sa)
  • Guilherme Freitas (Moy Fat Laai)
  • Fabiano Birchal (Moy Saan Yan)
  • Franklin Luzes (Moy Fuh Bing)
  • Pedro Lamarão (Moy Lam Hong)
  • Herbert Moraes (Moy Hak Si)
  • Francisco Ferrero (Moy Oi Ma)
  • Paulo de Figueiredo (Moy Lei On)
  • Thiago Rochael (Moy Dei A Go)
  • Luiz Loureiro (Moy Lui Yi)
  • Erick Abreu (Moy Hei Lik)
  • Gliber Lavalle
  • Carlos Lacerda
Group 4
  • Giuliano Medeiros (Moy Mei Dai)
  • Cláudio Gontijo
  • Fernando Sussana
  • Rafael Penido
  • Roberto Leite


2012 Travelers:

  • Anderson Maia (Moy On Da San)
  • Leonardo Mordente (Moy Lei On)
  • Júlio Camacho (Moy Jo Lei Ou)
  • Peter Hutchinson (Moy Fuh Mao)
  • Pedro Gontijo (Moy Go Ji)
  • Paulo de Figueiredo (Moy Lei Do)


Group 1:
  • Marcelo Navarro (Moy Ma Siu Lo)
  • Paulo de Figueiredo (Moy Lei Do)
Group 2:
  • Bernardo Chaves (Moy Wut Si)
  • William Nogueira (Moy Wai Lim)
  • Pedro Gontijo (Moy Go Ji)
  • Daniel Balparda (Moy Ba Daat)
Group 3:
  • Peter Hutchinson (Moy Fuh Mou)
Group 4:
  • Liana Lott (Moy Lai On Na)
  • Helder Lima (Moy Wut Dei)
  • Victor Leal
  • Alexandre Kawakami
Group 5:
  • Ana Paula Mendonça (Moy Do Sa)
  • Guilherme Freitas (Moy Fat Laai)
  • Rafael Castro (Moy Laai Faat)
  • Pedro Valadão (Moy Wa Laai)
  • Rodrigo Giarola (Moy Lou Na)
  • Ivan Giarola (Moy Ga Na)
  • Tiago Quintela (Moy Dei Na)
  • Humberto Cotta Jr. (Moy Gwok Daat)
  • Oscar Lima (Moy Lei Ma)
  • Pedro Naves Nogueira (Moy Dak Lo)
  • Paulo R. Nolli Filho (Moy Na Lei)
  • Ana Carolina Breyner (Moy Lou Lin)
  • Thiago Rochael
  • Tatiana Cintra
Group 6:
  • other lifetime members (Moy Yat Sang Clan) of the kung fu name chops project


Group Leader: Mrs. Helen Moy, leader of the Moy Yat Clan

Hosts in Hong Kong:

  • Mr. Michael Wong
  • Mr. Leung Hin Ming
  • Mr. Micky Chan
  • Mr. Cheng Kwan Wing

Hostess in Foshan: Mrs. Ip Ji Jue

Host in Hok Saan: Mr. Ginno Wang

Travelers from the United States:

  • Pete Pajil
  • Miguel Hernández
  • Orlando Menacho
  • Hameed Abdur Rahman
  • King Wong
  • Eddie C. Wong
  • Laszlo Gyulai
  • Owen Velez
  • Sandford Selznick
  • Wilfredo Cintron
  • William Wolf
  • Ronald Shuie
  • Liberato Ortega
  • Louis Oscar

Travelers from South America:

  • Leo Imamura (Brazil)
  • Anderson Maia (Brazil)
  • Nataniel Rosa (Brazil)
  • Julio Camacho (Brazil)
  • Leonardo Mordente (Brazil)
  • Marcello Abreu (Brazil)
  • Felipe Soares (Brazil)
  • Ernesto Lázzaro (Argentina)

Visited places:

  1. Po Tim, Fuk Gin
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Fat Saan, Gwong Dung
  4. Hok Saan, Gwong Dung
  5. Sun Dak, Gwong Dung

Consultant for Chinese Arts, Language and Culture: Mr. Kwong Chi Nam

This trip to China was supported and funded by the whole Moy Yat Clan - China Trip 2009.